As a seller in Virginia and Maryland you may not see the value of investing time and money into keeping your yard and the exterior of you home in peak condition everyday while it is listed for sale.  

So, let's play make believe you are a buyer driving past your house.  The grass needs to be cut, the bushes and trees need to be trimmed, the weeds are taking over the yard, the siding needs you want to take a tour of this home?  If you have a lot of other options (usually the case in Northern Virginia and Maryland) probably not, unless you're looking for a fixer upper.  You'll move on to the next house.  If you do decide to look at a home with poor curb appeal and like it, do you expect to pay top dollar for it?  Even if the asking price is low, you're probably going to want to pay less than asking price.    

So sellers remember, the bottom line is this.  If your plan is to sell your home quickly and get top dollar for it, don't forget that curb appeal is important!  Get the exterior of your home looking great and keep it that way daily while it's listed for sale.  You never know when a potential buyer might drive don't want to turn them off.  Good curb appeal will help increase the number of prospective buyers that visit your home and decrease the list of reasons that support a buyer giving you less than asking price.