Do you want to buy a reasonably price home that is located close to a metro station?  The Huntington neighborhood has town homes, condos and single family homes that are affordably priced compared to homes in Old Town, the next town over.  Huntington is becoming a neighborhood sort after by first-time homebuyers, and newcomers to DMV.

Affordability and location account in part for the increased attention real estate in Huntington has been getting by buyers and investors over the last few years.  Also, the employees of two large organizations, Patent and Trade Office and NSF on Eisenhower Avenue and the Carlyle area, find the Huntington area location is just a few miles away from work.  A short drive, one metro stop or a nice walk from Huntington and you are on Eisenhower Avenue.  So a lot of PTO's and NSF's workers have an high interest in properties in Huntington.

Since real estate in Huntington is hot right now, it is a good time to consider selling your home there and moving up to a larger home or different neighborhood that might better suit your lifestyle now.  Or if you are an investor ready to cash out this might be a good to for you to sell as well.

If you'd like to discuss the ins and outs, how much cash you'll net if you sell, how long it might take to sell, what to do to get the most money for your home, best areas to move to next, etc. feel free to call me at 804-548-3637.  I am accredited, have the experience and knowledge to assist you in a transaction whether you are buying or selling.  Once we've talked we will decide if we want to work together.